Pram Handle Garden Centre Trolley Nursery

Product Code: GCTT61
£199.00 £165.83 (ex. VAT)


Garden centre trolley with pram handles both ends suitable for heavy duty use in garden or nursery. This versatile nursery trolley with large diameter wheels can transport unrestricted wider loads over gravel or stones. With a centred axle for balance and large diameter wheels this pram handle trolley can handle uneven and rough ground with ease.

  • Handles both ends of trolley so no need to turn around in tight spaces.
  • Good quality wheels and tyres for ease of use over rough surfaces.
  • Loads balanced over the centred axle. Meaning less weight at the handles for the operator.
  • Flat open wood deck which can accept over hanging loads.
  • Designed and manufactured in UK.


  • Overall Size mm ( L x W x H): 1295 x 559 x 914
  • Bodyl Size mm ( L x W x H): 965 x 559
  • Side Height (mm): N/A
  • Max Carrying Capacity (kg): 200
  • Tyre Spec: Pneumatic
  • Net Weight (kg): 25
  • Board Spec: WBP Water Proof Phenolic Plywood
  • Condition: New
  • Product Code: GCTT61